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We have moved!

Following the momentum and success of our blog over the past 2 years, we have decided to upgrade our blog site, and can now be found on We hope you will join us over there for some more salvage antics and stories….

Lucy & Gemma



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Knit and Knatter







I have made a discovery.. what with our world of social networking and virtual time passing, it fits that to get anything done you need background company!

On reflection, perhaps this is a personal character flaw, I always studied best with company and over the years at school and uni came up with many study comradery adventures – in caravans, parks, cafes, sleepovers chewing actual coffee granules.. aah moment of appreciation for all you tortured students out there.

It was bliss to attend the recent Belfast council run Revamp workshops I wrote about here and here, not least because just pottering away in a room full of people doing the same thing was so comforting, social, inspiring.

So in a bid to reclaim a childhood skill I had a glorious girls night in to ‘Knit and Knatter’.













It really was a rare privelige to have both a relaxing and gratifying friday night after a long week..  sipping cocktails from a teapot ((i was served lately in a bar in Belfast to this effect) and catching up, whilst patting oneself on back for new skill acquired and that comforting feeling that should you find yourself shivering or naked in the future, you could yarn your way out of that predicament!










The next event, a ‘Pic – knit’. If you’re interested let me know! Extreme knitting ideas welcome..






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Anthropologie edinburgh

I am very excited about next week’s grand opening of Anthropologie on George St, its only shop out-with London in the UK. Originally from Philadelphia, it showcases a wonderful treasure-trove of beautiful fashion and interior pieces. Each store is independently run, with unique styling and window displays to really make you linger…

Their range is vast and eclectic. Check out this page of cushions, some fabulous wallpapers, lush rugs, or see these styled warm-weather rooms to get more of the flavour and feel of their styling.

And a few pics to inspire…

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Meadows Festival 2011

Last weekend was the wonderful meadows festival, a veritable selection of bric-a-brac, vintage, antique and hippy stalls, plus some great music and eateries. Running since 1972, it achieves a real community vibe every year, and seems to be developing and growing each year alongside the current trend towards thrifting, up-cycling and ‘make-do-and-mend’ culture.

The vintage and second-hand clothes were cheap and abundant….

…lots of tat to choose from; yes, that does say 10p an item! Plus some pretty handmade bits and bobs…

..somewhere very funky to rest your weary limbs…

…plus lots of other wares for the crowds.

So what bargains came home with me? Firstly i was pretty delighted with these 1970s lampshades at £2 for the pair

These little circular Italian pics were 25p each

A lovely vintage Tala flour sifter for £3

And some pretty vintage lace for £2

I’ll be back to showcase my wardrobe finds soon, hopefully to receive the fashion-sista seal of approval!?


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