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Retro Vanity

Remember my little project I adopted from East Belfast Mission, in the July post ‘A Belfast favourite for useful finds’.

Well i finally got to it.. here are some of the avenues of inspiration I got from the beautiful world of my favourite blogs..

'Grellow' dresser

mmm.. ‘grellow’.. warming, yet understated. See the whole post at Design dump.

Chest by Kfd Designs

A great ‘before and after‘ inspiration at the amazing ‘Design Sponge’ with this chest by Kfd designs which is also a great blog full of refurbing treats.

Love this vintage vanity shot I saw in this post at Bliss.

So I decided I was after quite a retro look, and the whole ‘Grellow’ thing had me feeling groovy..

And here he is finished..

I don’t love the colour, I wish I went for a grey or dusky blue for a more dramatic before and after! What do you think of the knobs? Should I choose one set keep it more uniform?

Go on and leave a comment with your thoughts.. I’m not precious, you know I love the banter, it’s only a coat of paint, and it’s my first real Salvage ‘makeover’ so be honest!¬† I must tell you about one of my blog heros Barb, from ‘Knack’ and her fabulous series ‘Before and After Basics‘ over on Design sponge if you’re looking for tips on this kind of thing. It’s worth reading the whole series!

One of the things I’ve always found offputting about painted furniture, is that it can look somewhat bland, or ‘flat’. Barbs super tips on staining and waxing the furniture after painting really bring your piece back to life, restoring it’s lustre and personality. And man do Barb’s pieces have personality! Thanks Barb..I think this one’s an Alfie!

I have updated this piece with some jewellery display.. I once realised that I always want more things in shops, just because they are so visual and displayed well, so I have tried to put my stuff out like a shop ever since!

it's all about the display!



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Cushion Couture

I remember my Granny commenting years ago when Gemma & I were fledgling salvagers that we were obsessed with buying cushions. This was probably true. When you are working under fairly limited budget constraints, without opportunity for upgrading things like sofas, a few scatter cushions can cover a multitude of sins. You can use them to highlight bits of your color scheme, make a style statement or instantly cosy up a bare space. This tendency to over-cushion has persisted, though a few years ago it became apparent that running them up on the sewing machine is incredibly easy. I advise any sewing beginners to start with some simple cushions. The other great thing is that you only need a small amount of fabric, so remnants are ideal.

Here are some recent additions to my growing collection. The first were made from a patchwork Accessorize scarf, simply cut in 4 with 2 pieces sewn side by side. The next 2 were made from fabric remnants picked up at charity shops. The floral one is a Sanderson print for which i paid 50p.

A few pointers on cushion making. 50 x 50cm is a standard size, and the first step is to cut your front piece slightly larger than this to allow for seams. Then cut 2 more pieces each approx. 2/3 as wide and of similar length to the front. These will overlap at the back, so you will need to hem them both. Then place all your pieces facing inwards, sew, turn inside out and hey presto! Once you have mastered that, you can get fancy with things like piping (a worthy education), buttons, zips etc, but for now, this will provide you with a basic, no-fuss cushion. Finally, it really does make a difference if you fill them with a feather liner, but to keep costs down, once again our faithful charity shops have ugly cushions permanently on display, so you can do them a favour by hiding them inside your beautiful handmade treasure!


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Open Glass Doors

Allow me a little plug for the Art Exhibition I have been involved in organising over the past few months. The team have been busy since July putting together this professional and vibrant collection of art, sculpture and craft from those within and connected to our church (Community Church Edinburgh). This is the 3rd year we have run the event, and thanks to the hard work of the publicity component of the team, we have had more punters this year than ever before. Hannah and Naomi are hosting a superb cafe, with a variety of home-made buns and cakes unrivaled city-wide!

Sunday 7th is the last day, from 11-5 at The Kings Hall, Newington. Its well worth a visit….

Some shots from the Preview Night

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Glamping salvage style..

I simply have to rave about my recent girlie break.. so that you will go see it for yourself..

Tea pot lane luxury camp is just outside Bundoran, so if you happen to like jumping in the sea you have an incentive to go all year round, or maybe you need more local-ish festival action.

However an eco glamping (glamourous camping) weekend tucked up in a mongolian yurt complete with it’s own stove, bonfire area and dreamy fairy garden spaces strewn with hammocks is a package fit for any getaway, even you GHD clutching campers! We had communal use of her refurbished Irish cottage with it’s kitsch, cosy, yet sheek style, full of fabulous finds. As if that isn’t enough Derval’s pampering options in her own gorgeous home on site are a must for any glamper.. I can certainly reccommend her post surf back massage!

And if I could adopt a new salvage sister.. it would be this lady, her impeccable taste and style evident throughout the yurts, the cottage and her home had me scrutinising and smiling at every last detail all weekend.. heaven. Some piccies to get you started.. but with tipis and tree houses to stay in, on the horizon you only have once choice.. go check it out!

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