Anthropologie edinburgh

I am very excited about next week’s grand opening of Anthropologie on George St, its only shop out-with London in the UK. Originally from Philadelphia, it showcases a wonderful treasure-trove of beautiful fashion and interior pieces. Each store is independently run, with unique styling and window displays to really make you linger…

Their range is vast and eclectic. Check out this page of cushions, some fabulous wallpapers, lush rugs, or see these styled warm-weather rooms to get more of the flavour and feel of their styling.

And a few pics to inspire…


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  1. Gem

    whaaaaaat? It’s coming to Edinburgh?? I have to thank the blog world for introducing me to anthropologie. Have spent many an evening in baffled wonder, ogling the breadth of its perfection. At £100 for a cushion though, think Im going to have to stick to my jumper conversions! Dont know when I’ll ever be grown up enough to shop here! xx

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