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It’s yours..take it!

You must look out out for this little treat of an event, which popped up in our city in February this year.

This one in February was held in the delightful venue, of the recently opened Belfast Barge near the Waterfront, and run by Portavogie artist, Alice Burns.

It’s an artists collective, which was conceptualized as a free art show with world wide artists sending their work to be displayed at an impromptu street gallery created in a public space. The works are displayed by local artist(s) residing in the city of an IYTI! show. It was resolved that the shows would be held on the same weekend in 5 cities globally! You can read more about the concept here.

I love Butterflies, and was delighted to pick up a street artist interpretation by ‘A1’, a Finnish street artist apparently.

I love it, and you can see me happily picking it up, along with the other chuffed customers and their finds in the event gallery.

Thanks A1, and IYTI!


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Revamp…. for free!

Hi readers,

Just popping up to share a little treat for all our Belfast Salvagers..

The Belfast council have collaborated with our favourite Fashion Soukers, to create a series of free workshops to guide you on your merry way to a greener, revamped facelift to your life, wardrobe and home.. wow! All our favourite stations here at Salvage sisters. I’m signed, let me know if you want to join me.. wish you were here sis!

More details and sign up info here or on facebook x

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Re-purposed Storage 2

I sometimes get mocked (mainly by my salvage sister) for my tendency to put things in jars and label them. Maybe she has a point. But what could be better than having everything so wonderfully visible? Think of those times you reach for a herbacious addition to your cuisine, only to find the little meager plastic tub desolate? No more! Have them all prominently on display and unashamedly labeled….

Not to be limited by the visible shelves, the inside of my cupboards are also sagging under the weight of multiple jars of goodies.

The obsession extends to other functional items requiring storage, but too good to hide away. Pretty Bonne Maman jars house buttons and zips in my sewing department. Colourful thread spools and decorative soaps are kept in these old sweetie jars, once again combining display and function.

Glass jars can be found just about anywhere (your fridge, skips, recycling bins, charity shops) and come in all shapes and sizes. What do you store in yours?

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Edinburgh salvage secret

Last Thursday i discovered one of the best kept salvage secrets in Edinburgh. I had heard about a ‘lane sale’ somewhere in Leith, and after a bit of searching came upon Ramsay Cornish Auctioneers in Jane Street. They host a ‘proper’ auction every Saturday, and then sell off the rest on a Thursday morning in a very informal and slightly haphazard auction. Having orchestrated a Thursday off work, i headed down cash in hand and browsed the goods, laid out in 3 or 4 rows in the back yard of the saleroom. Suddenly the auction started, with a guy holding up some things and a few punters standing around bidding a pound or two on each. Most things were selling for between £1-£5, and that, i must point out, includes the furniture. One guy bought a wardrobe for £1. Unfortunately its a case of survival of the fittest – those that shout the loudest and stand nearest the front win.

One of the great things about this auction is that you can bid for individual items of your choice rather than whole lots in which you inherit one great thing and 5 other large pearlescent ceramic budgies. And because the crowds are relatively small, you are generally successful in bidding. Its clearly a ‘regulars’ thing, as most punters there seemed to be known by name – Mrs. Sprott and Ellen were on fire! (ie they clearly have Diogene’s Syndrome.) If only i were off every Thursday….

So, what treats and trinkets did i procure from this merry event? My first purchase was this pretty oval mirror with distressed white frame, £10.

All the others came in at a mere £1 each. The material remnants are great for little sewing projects. The first chair does actually have a seat! And the second is a beautiful elm and blue velvet combo.

I even came away with a husband-item: a pair of Argyll (Hunter) wellies for £1. Everyone’s a winner!


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Goodies 2

So my glee in Belfast’s sources continued on Sunday in the most excellent collaborative of iconic, collectible vintage and retro pieces I have ever seen under one roof, at the Retro Rooms. There are lots of great photos at this link, but here are my most covetable, jaw dropping, stamp-my-feet-i-want-it items.

I have a chair fetish, and here are two of the best samples in the best colours I have ever seen in real life!

A pair of these Vintage Danish 1970 swivel Egg Chairs in Danish Blue wool from Original Compulsive Design..

Danish 1970's Egg Chair


This original Eames Chair by the same people.. in my ultimate colour..

Eames Chair


And here is what I got.. this image care of Frock Around the Clock blog

Coupe Glasses


Peuter Candleabra

I was delighted to meet the lady at It’s Vintage Darling, who hales from my townland Co. Armagh, with wares from her Armagh shop, and got this long hunted for candleabra complete with pink candles, yum. And Coupe champagne glasses, a collectable for me..Cant wait to visit..

Finally no day out is complete without a few remnants..

Crochet blanket


This mustard crochet blanket funks up a tired old chair in the nursery..


And unless Im mistaken this pink and mint lace linen is quite original, or else died in the wash! Love it.

Baby pink linen

Hints of Pink


Picks out my touches of pink very well.

I’m tickled pink! x


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Weekend Goodies 1

Sparrow Wall decals by Olive Owl Art

I’m excited to share the abundance of Belfast’s talent and wares available this weekend. The first ever ‘Home Souk’ on Saturday was a real treat of fabulous art, uniquely crafted homey items, hand-picked treasure and memorabilia, and upcycled furniture. This swoop of swallows I got from Cassie of Olive Owl Art just give my kitchen wall a breath of fresh air, and my step a little skip when i see them. They set off my collection of kitchen finds very well too..

Sparrow Wall decals by Olive Owl Art

Here is Cassie of Olive Owl art and Liz with the rest of their wares. Liz of The Green Peach had some funkily painted crockery, love that pink cadillac! And those silhouette cushions! Check out their etsy shops for more inspiring stuff.

One of my favourite retailers at the Souk is Hola Lola.. the shop is a colourful fairly traded and ethically sourced feast.. I will have to do another post of all the fab things I have from there..

Hola Lola

And the wonderful Jenny of Hola Lola was selling these deliciously quirky hand designed plates

Jenny's plates

It was very inspiring to meet all sorts of people showcasing their business inititiatives.. people with this kind of get-up-and-go and-actually-do-it, amaze me! i think it takes a lot of confidence.

I met Roisin McCrory who will upcycle, repurpose or personalise any piece of furniture you might have a special place in your heart for.. see more on her website

And what about these lovely ladies, selling authentically African handmade goods, from repurposed plastic bottles, useful for lots of little jobs, and with all funds going to source.. lovely!

South african handmade boxes

All in all, it’s the kind of day out, that makes shopping fun, personal, and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of voting with your banknotes in aid of all things green, pretty, unique and ethical. *happy sigh*..


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Something for the weekend..

There’s something about ‘Style magazine of the Sunday Times.. I love it, and hate it. The narcissistic, no holes barred attitude that oozes through its hedonistic, super cool pages is just, well, addictive. A dear friend kept me the 23/01 edition, to update me on a website which could be of help to any budding Salvage Sista..

Here you ditch the unreliable advice of your sweet friends, mother, boyfriend et al who will pretty much tell you anything to get you to go away, get out of the house/shop, shut-up.. and let the self appointed fashion critics of the internet help you out..

So throwing all caution and self consciousness to the wind I thought I’d seek their advice on my little christmas present I wrote about in this post.

Check out what they said here… I must say I think I got some worthwhile, applicable, helpful advice.. my favourite comment is “no, a denim jacket does not make anything cool..” mmmmph. tart.

On a lighter style note.. Do you like these one piece ski suits I acquired for a hen do Skiing in Scotland last weekend!



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