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Made for each other

If you ask me, display/storage options for technological gadgetry in the living room are often hard to make pretty. i have been keeping an eye on gumtree for something to house our E-normous tv and accompaniments – to no avail. So when kath and i fashioned this arrangement today, i was really quite pleased.

The white table was found on the street by colin, abandoned by its owners and to make matters worse, 2 legs were twice the length of the others. After some very interesting measuring techniques, he made the legs equal (almost), and it sat quietly outside awaiting its destiny. It has been painted white but chipped over time which i think adds to the look. The footstool underneath had been residing in the guest room, posing unsuccessfully as a sort of ottoman, so i was delighted to discover it fitted neatly underneath the table, and not only that, the bottom rungs were perfectly sized for the amplifier. This is a micro-example of something i often find happening in my home-perfecting moments: things you already have can often be rediscovered and reincarnated into a happy new life. As long as you can avoid going to ikea in the meantime…..


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