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Having been inspired by Ali Thomson to complete a long-overdue task, i finally got round to making these little recycled candles. I’ve been collecting up wax odds and ends over the past year, and with a vast and ever-expanding collection of cups and saucers, it was time for action. The wax is initially melted down in a bain-marie. Meanwhile, cut wicks from ordinary white string, tie one end to a long stick, coat them in wax and straighten before they harden.

I found that once the wax was molten, it became quite grey in colour with all the burnt wicks etc. I threw in some red wax, but am told a coloured wax crayon can also do the trick. With care, pour the wax into desired receptacle, balancing the prepared wicks and ensuring they remain straight.

I have since learned that you need to top up the candle centre once dry, as they tend to sink with the weight of the wick. Otherwise, some pretty, recycled table decorations!


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