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Re-purposed Storage 2

I sometimes get mocked (mainly by my salvage sister) for my tendency to put things in jars and label them. Maybe she has a point. But what could be better than having everything so wonderfully visible? Think of those times you reach for a herbacious addition to your cuisine, only to find the little meager plastic tub desolate? No more! Have them all prominently on display and unashamedly labeled….

Not to be limited by the visible shelves, the inside of my cupboards are also sagging under the weight of multiple jars of goodies.

The obsession extends to other functional items requiring storage, but too good to hide away. Pretty Bonne Maman jars house buttons and zips in my sewing department. Colourful thread spools and decorative soaps are kept in these old sweetie jars, once again combining display and function.

Glass jars can be found just about anywhere (your fridge, skips, recycling bins, charity shops) and come in all shapes and sizes. What do you store in yours?


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