Meadows Festival 2011

Last weekend was the wonderful meadows festival, a veritable selection of bric-a-brac, vintage, antique and hippy stalls, plus some great music and eateries. Running since 1972, it achieves a real community vibe every year, and seems to be developing and growing each year alongside the current trend towards thrifting, up-cycling and ‘make-do-and-mend’ culture.

The vintage and second-hand clothes were cheap and abundant….

…lots of tat to choose from; yes, that does say 10p an item! Plus some pretty handmade bits and bobs…

..somewhere very funky to rest your weary limbs…

…plus lots of other wares for the crowds.

So what bargains came home with me? Firstly i was pretty delighted with these 1970s lampshades at £2 for the pair

These little circular Italian pics were 25p each

A lovely vintage Tala flour sifter for £3

And some pretty vintage lace for £2

I’ll be back to showcase my wardrobe finds soon, hopefully to receive the fashion-sista seal of approval!?



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2 responses to “Meadows Festival 2011

  1. Gem

    omg.. those clothes look great.. could you go back and get me that chiffon blouse on the end of that rail?! thanks!

  2. Gemma

    Hi the Tala vintage flour sifter is gorgeous, is it for sale by any chance?

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