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Organisation station appreciation

I am a grateful recipient of the amazing ‘Organisation stations’ of the previous post by Lucy. Here it is in action.. along with a peak at my nursery which with a little fighting some old furniture into a metrically challenged space, and a tin of paint with a lot of masking tape, I was able to transform for under 25 pounds! A proud 1/1000 of the prices I was amazed to find being pedalled at me with emotional attachments when I briefly snooped around a few stockists of such things, surely over indulging a need for such transitional items! A little wire line with pegs makes a great showcase of the cutest tiniest things and favourite cards.. enjoy.



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Crochet is back in

I’ve been looking for one of these crochet blankets for a while, having seen them crop up in lots of home interior mags recently. I guess they fall into the ‘vintage find’ category now. This one is covered in cat hairs, but at £2 from Thrift Shop 2, who could argue?

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Organisation Station

I have been developing the design of my wall-hanging organisers, and in the process coming up with some gifts for special little people! These seem to work well above a changing table, to hold nappies, booties, odd socks, potions etc. The vintage lace mostly came from the car boot sale in Greenside Place, or Tullyroan loft, and Cath Kidston does some handy free material swatches to add a bit of floral kitsch. Organisation that looks good – its a winner.

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