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Rethink, Revamp, Restyle.. all after work!

Sigh – I’m high and drunk on my three blissful hours spent this evening at the first workshop in Ballynafeigh community centre by Rethink, Revamp, Restyle – an amazing collaboration by SS favourite ‘The Fashion Souk’ and Belfast Council. The ethos is on creating and ‘repurposing’ items to prevent waste and give them a new life of usefulness!

After a mad dash from work I found myself with lots of lovely ladies making cushions out of old jumpers and shirts – in a flash, whilst helping to reduce the fourteen double decker bus loads of clothes which are thrown into the waste every WEEK!

jumper cushion

shirt cushion

jumper embellishment

shirt embellishment

The fabulous team of demonstrators poked us into action and inspiration with a quick how to, and left us to wade into piles of old clothes and come out with a unique creation! No better way to spend an evening I tell you, I haven’t felt this relaxed in so long, with the added delight of new additions to my couch.. the husband probably wont share the sentiment that we needed a few more cushions though! I’m  quite pleased with how I matched them into my living room scheme..

My only problem was cushion envy, so many juicy little creations –  and the fact I forgot my camera, photos of the next one to come. Oh but BBC newsline did turn up, so keep them peeled on the regional news!!

Jealous? Check out the Rethink, Revamp, Restyle group on facebook to see what slots are left that you could sign up for. It’s old furniture revamping next time, can’t wait!



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Weekend Goodies 1

Sparrow Wall decals by Olive Owl Art

I’m excited to share the abundance of Belfast’s talent and wares available this weekend. The first ever ‘Home Souk’ on Saturday was a real treat of fabulous art, uniquely crafted homey items, hand-picked treasure and memorabilia, and upcycled furniture. This swoop of swallows I got from Cassie of Olive Owl Art just give my kitchen wall a breath of fresh air, and my step a little skip when i see them. They set off my collection of kitchen finds very well too..

Sparrow Wall decals by Olive Owl Art

Here is Cassie of Olive Owl art and Liz with the rest of their wares. Liz of The Green Peach had some funkily painted crockery, love that pink cadillac! And those silhouette cushions! Check out their etsy shops for more inspiring stuff.

One of my favourite retailers at the Souk is Hola Lola.. the shop is a colourful fairly traded and ethically sourced feast.. I will have to do another post of all the fab things I have from there..

Hola Lola

And the wonderful Jenny of Hola Lola was selling these deliciously quirky hand designed plates

Jenny's plates

It was very inspiring to meet all sorts of people showcasing their business inititiatives.. people with this kind of get-up-and-go and-actually-do-it, amaze me! i think it takes a lot of confidence.

I met Roisin McCrory who will upcycle, repurpose or personalise any piece of furniture you might have a special place in your heart for.. see more on her website

And what about these lovely ladies, selling authentically African handmade goods, from repurposed plastic bottles, useful for lots of little jobs, and with all funds going to source.. lovely!

South african handmade boxes

All in all, it’s the kind of day out, that makes shopping fun, personal, and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of voting with your banknotes in aid of all things green, pretty, unique and ethical. *happy sigh*..


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