A welly cool project

Footwear storage is a passion of mine. Such is the case that i recently considered purchasing a very overpriced wall mounted welly rack. Until i realised how easy it would be to make, especially with a handy construction pal, a trip to the salvage yard and a sunny saturday afternoon. My sculptor friend Ali T provided me with the base, an old warped, weathered piece of hardwood, and the dowels are a collection of old broom handles.

Mathematics being a low point for both, we spent a while figuring out how to space the 6 pairs of holes across the wood. Luckily we followed my dad’s time-honoured advice – “Measure twice, cut once”.

Once the first pole was tested for strength and length with Malkie’s big boot, we carried on with cutting each end down to size, sanding further and then hammering in.

The finished product houses 6 pairs of happy boots. It was such a successful project (unusual for me when it comes to hammers, drills etc), maybe we’ll start taking commissions…


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  1. Gem

    ..equally impressed by the fact that an Edinburgh city centre house has six pairs of wellies! Beaut work team! Think you should def do this as a house warming pressie for the big Dalzell Revamp!

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