I had to get straight onto the blog to share my latest delightful furniture purchase from my latest salvage venue. I occasionally pop in to Drum Farm Antiques near the city bypass, and was pleasantly surprised during yesterday’s visit to find a new business adjoining the warehouse called Retropolis Antique and Vintage Emporium. Only 4 weeks old, they have a great spread of furniture and trinkets, either lovingly restored or in need of an imaginative friend. as it happened, i was late for a meeting so i didn’t get to ponder and pontificate in my usual way over the cabinet, an eclectic paring of glass-topped and shelf-bottomed loveliness, formerly a shop fitting. But it was love at first sight and there was no need for deliberation, especially at the enticing price of £70 including delivery later that evening. Luckily there was a rugby match on so that i could spend the evening staring at my new illuminated friend, dreaming up possibilities whilst Malkie was otherwise occupied.

I have opted for a cutesy china/enamelware combo for the display, but i’m sure this is merely the first incarnation of many. I have tried to keep it simple but also make the most of a great display opportunity. But i’m wondering if i should stick to a few signature wow-factor pieces….what do you think?



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8 responses to “Retropolis

  1. Too many cakestands! give me one! Think you should let Malcy have a go at filling it! 🙂 jealous rage x

  2. Kath

    I agree with gem, too much white space behind the stands. Maybe a floral fabric background?

  3. hmm, floral background. good thought! yes i think too much white, yet a perfect place to display all those lovely stands. buy your own cake-stand sista! malkie’s display: complete collection of inspector morse dvds (top shelf), bike stuff, brian cox books…

  4. I reckon you should put a short antique lace trim along the edge of the shelves, you know like the french do on their shelves.

  5. Neetes

    I reckon you should give it to me.
    To show you care.

    * Great find! *
    * Tries to hide psychopathic type rage*

  6. like the french lace idea! thanks!

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