Pair o’ chairs 1

Mostly when i buy an old wreck of a chair, table or otherwise, i drive home thinking of my expansive plans for re-vamping and re-working my fabulous find. However, its amazing how easily you can get used to a furniture’s foibles as time passes. Not so for this chair though, recently purchased at the lane sale as a pair for £1. Whilst its elm and blue velvet components were visually pleasing, the webbing in the seat was completely gone, making it somewhat akin to a parking your bum on an uncomfortable toilet seat. Thus began my first ‘proper’ upholstery job yesterday. Here’s a recap of the events as they unfolded.

1. Chair on arrival

2. Stripping the seat back to the frame

3. New sisal webbing, fixed with staple gun

4. Next 2 layers: horsehair and cotton

(5. A few more undocumented layers, as it started to rain!)

6. Colefax and Fowler fabric remnant to finish

Now to put it to the ultimate test – survival in our busy household…



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2 responses to “Pair o’ chairs 1

  1. beaut sis..
    loving this getting down to the bare bones of it all.. the hardest projects to get in to.. I am defo the lazy salvager who decides that the things are fine just the way they are! was looking for some before and after pics yday and realised everything has stayed ‘before’!

  2. you are events queen!

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