Souk and Frock Finds..

So a few sundays ago was profound in Belfast for any vintage loving, re-using, retro, pre-loved finder!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was out at ‘Frock around the Clock’ and ‘The Fashion Souk’.

You’ve seen lots of my Souk finds in previous posts, and here are a few of Sunday’s finds and photos.. and if this excites you.. this weekend could be EVEN jucier! Especially if you have a thing for homey vintage and retro comforts. The lovely founders of both events are running ‘home’ events..

The Home Souk launching this Saturday at the Europa hotel, by the fabulous Alyson of the Fashion Souk

The Retro Rooms Show (Vintage interiors and Design for the modern home) created by Frock around the Clock’s Becky is on this Sunday at the Holiday Inn, Ormeau Avenue

Teddy hat from the Fashion Souk

ear baby..

Treasure at Frock around the Clock

Circa Ceramics at 'Frock'

Style advise at 'frock'

MK Vintageusa at 'frock'





























Can’t wait for a busy foraging weekend!

Find Circa Ceramics and MKVintageusa on facebook.. Cant remember the name of the little hat creator.. does anyone know?



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2 responses to “Souk and Frock Finds..

  1. nadine

    Lucia looks so gorgeous – love that hat – did you add the button or was it there already? I need to have a little girl so many more options clothes wise! Oscar has his own very distinct little dude style, but girls clothes are just better! Am looking for little man hats for Oscar at mo – but just have so little time, never get chance for a good hunt about. Wish I could get down this weekend am so in need of bits and pieces for the house, but woe is me just have too much work to do.
    Ah well happy hunting!


  2. hey nadine.. no the button was on there.. you cant beat a good hat! yes dressing the little lady is def a great pastime! Have you ever checked out ‘etsy’ for great unique handmade items, am sure you could get a dude hat on there! hope the course is going well!

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