Re-purposed Storage 1

I’ve been loving this post from Re-nest, on all things up-cycled, repurposed and reused. It’s packed full of ideas for transforming just about anything into a useful, stylish piece for your home. Some of my absolute favs include this ladder-come-shelving unit (bottom right), or even a pot rack, and some new ideas for an old door. So i got thinking about my own re-purposed items and ideas around the home. A common theme you will note here is of one of storage, storage, storage….

1. Toast rack for books

2. Vintage picnic baskets for garden storage

3. Old box for magazine rack (with ikea insert)

4. Sputnik magazine rack to keep trays tidy

5. lid-less pretty tea pot for pens etc

6. Mug rack for scissors

7. Driftwood earring display

8 Handmade vintage lace pocket storage for bracelets et al



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4 responses to “Re-purposed Storage 1

  1. That box for books is gorgeous!

  2. yup – its a good’un, from my salvage yard hotspot outside edinburgh.

  3. Hey Lucy,

    This blog is fantastic. I’m not committed enough; I need to visit salvage yards more often…

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