Christmas Present-ation

I was inspired to write a post about christmas presents having received this beautifully wrapped gift from my friend Julie.

I love receiving a well wrapped gift, especially with consideration given to detail and use of simple materials. Forget fancy ribbons and expensive print, the best materials can be found all year round (as above; baker’s twine and plain brown paper), which are then adorned with festive details (red bead, handmade leaf and painted card). However, there are a host of inventive papers to use as your starting point. For me, any brown paper based wrapping is an essential. This year i was most impressed by this print from Paperchase, with lots of fun illustrations and unusual (ie non-christmas) colours. However there are other paper sources to consider – one year salvage sis gemma wrapped everything in Financial Times paper (tinged a delicate pink), with thick black ribbon. Can’t remember what the present was, its the wrapping that stood out!!

Here are just a few fine examples…

Don’t stop with just presentation of presents. We were given this Panettone which was served at our christmas bonanza, and with a few extra trimmings, it looks tremendously decadent.



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2 responses to “Christmas Present-ation

  1. he he, glad you got it alright despite all the snow. Have a great Christmas and lets catch up soon. Might need to get some tips from you about sewing machines. I too am looking out for a brother. Lots of love xxxx

  2. mmm.. chcck out these little morsels for wrapped up inspiration..

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