Oh Brother

I have been pondering a new sewing machine for a few months now, since my £100 friend purchased about 8 years ago started to show signs of tiring. The thing about sewing machines is that you can a decent model quite cheaply, but the servicing will often cost 3/4 of the initial value, and if, like me, you put it through its paces, you will probably need to service it every year. So, after extensive on-line research, i took a trip to David Drummond, possibly the best sewing shop in the world, ever. This guy excels in 2 things – machine knowledge, and customer service. I had a fair idea of my requirements, which happened to match exactly this little gem:

(If you are bored already by this post, things are about to get a lot worse…)

It features 40 stitches including overlocking and 5 1 step button holes, top loading bobbin, automatic needle threader, and, my favourite part, a funky feature which stops the needle either always up or down once you stop sewing. Granted, if your not a sewer, this will seem like a fairly meek offering, but to me, its magic! It also comes with lots of fancy accoutrements, many of which i am yet to identify:

Best of all, it has an ace freehand embroidery function, something i have featured on most of my christmas presents this year (see posts in the New Year.) Buying the machine from a specialist shop got me thinking about the lost value of face-to-face trading. I got an amazing deal involving lots of freebies, including a free servicing of my old machine so i can sell it and make up some of the cost. I honestly came away wondering what the sales guy could have possibly got out of the deal, such were the numerous perks showered upon me. I went home and convinced myself that i couldn’t have found a better deal online, plus the added bonus of doing business with the most tanned, gold-clad man i have come across all winter.

My plans for a manic sewing day today have been laid to rest by an unfortunate slip down the stairs this morning, leaving me less than dexterous. Not to worry though – i have all of the Christmas holidays to put this baby to the test!



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4 responses to “Oh Brother

  1. Anneleen

    congratulations on your new purchase! I may have to quiz you at some point regarding how I work parts of my own sewing machine!
    Hope the fall down the stairs wasn’t too painful.

  2. hi anneleen – you’ll have to come along to a sewing night in the new year and we can swap tips and knowledge!

  3. Gem

    What?? no ‘Settlers’ this christmas. Wait till Ivan hears it’s needlework instead.. he’ll be dying for Settlers!! Poor wee you falling down all those stairs you have!! Cant wait to see you thurs.. x

  4. Vic

    Mr Drummond serviced my gran’s ancient singer sewing machine last year, not only did he do a great job (it had NEVER been serviced before and was eating, rather than sewing material) but it was really reasonably priced. Hurrah for mr bling!

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