Retro Vanity

Remember my little project I adopted from East Belfast Mission, in the July post ‘A Belfast favourite for useful finds’.

Well i finally got to it.. here are some of the avenues of inspiration I got from the beautiful world of my favourite blogs..

'Grellow' dresser

mmm.. ‘grellow’.. warming, yet understated. See the whole post at Design dump.

Chest by Kfd Designs

A great ‘before and after‘ inspiration at the amazing ‘Design Sponge’ with this chest by Kfd designs which is also a great blog full of refurbing treats.

Love this vintage vanity shot I saw in this post at Bliss.

So I decided I was after quite a retro look, and the whole ‘Grellow’ thing had me feeling groovy..

And here he is finished..

I don’t love the colour, I wish I went for a grey or dusky blue for a more dramatic before and after! What do you think of the knobs? Should I choose one set keep it more uniform?

Go on and leave a comment with your thoughts.. I’m not precious, you know I love the banter, it’s only a coat of paint, and it’s my first real Salvage ‘makeover’ so be honest!  I must tell you about one of my blog heros Barb, from ‘Knack’ and her fabulous series ‘Before and After Basics‘ over on Design sponge if you’re looking for tips on this kind of thing. It’s worth reading the whole series!

One of the things I’ve always found offputting about painted furniture, is that it can look somewhat bland, or ‘flat’. Barbs super tips on staining and waxing the furniture after painting really bring your piece back to life, restoring it’s lustre and personality. And man do Barb’s pieces have personality! Thanks Barb..I think this one’s an Alfie!

I have updated this piece with some jewellery display.. I once realised that I always want more things in shops, just because they are so visual and displayed well, so I have tried to put my stuff out like a shop ever since!

it's all about the display!



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One response to “Retro Vanity

  1. Suzi

    It’s gorgeous! (As is the little lady admiring your trinkets!)
    No, I love the 3 different knobs don’t change it.

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