Glamping salvage style..

I simply have to rave about my recent girlie break.. so that you will go see it for yourself..

Tea pot lane luxury camp is just outside Bundoran, so if you happen to like jumping in the sea you have an incentive to go all year round, or maybe you need more local-ish festival action.

However an eco glamping (glamourous camping) weekend tucked up in a mongolian yurt complete with it’s own stove, bonfire area and dreamy fairy garden spaces strewn with hammocks is a package fit for any getaway, even you GHD clutching campers! We had communal use of her refurbished Irish cottage with it’s kitsch, cosy, yet sheek style, full of fabulous finds. As if that isn’t enough Derval’s pampering options in her own gorgeous home on site are a must for any glamper.. I can certainly reccommend her post surf back massage!

And if I could adopt a new salvage sister.. it would be this lady, her impeccable taste and style evident throughout the yurts, the cottage and her home had me scrutinising and smiling at every last detail all weekend.. heaven. Some piccies to get you started.. but with tipis and tree houses to stay in, on the horizon you only have once choice.. go check it out!


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  1. Wow what a vibe! Book me in (minus the surfing lark.) Nice photos – someone must have hooked you up with a classy camera! Good work on the low light snaps. Slightly worried about the competition now…

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