Back to our roots

Many moons ago, Gemma and i undoubtedly committed a multitude of style sins during our 2-year experiment on Dad’s old farmhouse during our last years at school. Take, for example, the lime green conservatory. Or the ‘Mexican’ theme sitting room – orange brush-effect walls, red velvet curtains adorned with multi-colour beads , blue window and door trims, gold stars suspended from the ceiling, a £10 salvaged red velvet sofa. Hopefully, our tastes have softened somewhat since then, but those were the days that nurtured and shaped our creative longings. Perhaps as a form of penance for our unfettered interior experimentation, we started the big clear out of Tullyroan House last weekend, making room for a new era in its long Dalzell history.

Work began under rather sodden conditions, but relics of salvage sister history soon made for cheering moments. This table was my first furniture project at age 13. The driftwood piece posed as a light for many happy years on the psychedelic wall.

This vintage bistro chair was restored from the brink with copper paint and a blue paint wash.

With creative confidence setting in at 17, i revived this dresser from its previous life as a paint-pot graveyard, making the doors and adding a chicken wire/material frontage. The paint stains were covered up using white paint and a wood-effect tool. I think i was aiming for a bleached wood look.

But no time for nostalgic loitering, the salvage sisters turn to seeking out opportunities anew amidst their car-crash teen craft projects. Enter the complementary skills of the self-proclaimed Burn Brother Ryan! Unfortunately, some things just can’t or won’t be reincarnated… These sofas have seen many a party, but their final destination in the great Tullyroan Sofa Heaven has come, via the pearly gates of the holy bonfire.

Good job we had plenty of help from the next generation in making all these tough decisions, and a steady hand to stay the course on the way up to the bonfire pile.

And for another day, when sources of plant pots, wobbly stools and rusty lamp stands have run dry, we can always return to this pile of salvaged goods and start all over again!



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4 responses to “Back to our roots

  1. Emily Reed

    It must be very emotional sorting through all those things. I still have quite a few of my belongings at Rydal Mount.

    It’s an exciting time though… I think it’ll be a relief for Marianne and Ryan to see some work starting after all they’ve been through…they’re definitely braver than me!

    Take care,
    Emily x

  2. Gem

    A comment from an old friend.. I heart blogosphere reunions!
    Rudi Wells:
    HI Guys, not sure you remember me from “the old Days”, but I’m really loving what you’re both doing, there’s something really special about your whole outlook on vintage and salvaging. Your blog is really wonderful especially the salvage wedding entry, the foodie blogs are also pretty awesome! If I make it to where I want to go in the photography world, expect a little request to come decorate my home, you really have an eye for cosy interiors. Catch ya laters, Rudi

  3. Suzi

    I can identify with the terracotta theme! Can remember as a teen being allowed to decorate my own bedroom every few years-O some of the horrendous choices! – Sorry !I’m not saying it was awful….dig, dig…

  4. Gem

    Luc.. I wish we had a ‘before’ pic of that dresser.. you did such an incredible job.. it had no doors! And you were 15!! you should put another close up on of those.. you definately are the natural of the Salvage sistas.. x

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