‘This season’s look’ had me Salvagating..

I note with glee that this season’s look, just happens to be any vintage hunting sistas dream.. cable knits, camel colours, brogues, simple lines. Such classic pieces are fabulously collectible from vintage designer labels, to the dark corners of your own wardrobe, to your granny’s or even your Dad’s best winter warmers, to charity shops. Best of all the timelessness, for example, of a camel coat, make for that chance to splurge on the next generations vintage collection!





Prada @ London fashion week






knee high socks


I’m no model, but after an indulgent and rare trawl through some of Autumn’s fashion mag issues I was putting it together with some recent finds this week.. does it work?  Be honest, I love a laugh especially at myself!! The natural cardi is from a charity shop, the vintage shirt is from Raspberry Beret on Bloomfield avenue, and the orange frill cardi is from the ‘Fashion Souk’ ..dont miss it this Sunday at the Ulster Hall!



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6 responses to “‘This season’s look’ had me Salvagating..

  1. Ivan

    cant believe you outdid prada with the baby accessory. High five.

  2. aly

    You’re wonderful and you rock the look my friend! delighted to hear chunky knits are in as i bought a new woollen waistcoat last week on castle street and two cardis in my friend’s vintage warehouse in nyc. currently sitting on my30quid vintage chic armchair in the fartes soon-to-be palace!x

  3. Hey – i think i bought that prada cardi the other day in Hospice of Hope round the corner. Need to access the funky belt, will try Shelter!
    A vintage bike for stylised photos and your set…oh, apart from the cheapo camera and who is your photographer anyway?? Lovin the skirt and stripey shirt.

  4. fi

    time to dig out our authentic alpaca knits…llamas are in (but were they ever out?)! great modelling….step aside kate! x

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