Yum Yum Pigs Bum, Cabbage and Potatoes..

Do you ever find, the most inspiring characters come from back home?! I couldn’t possibly qualify myself to describe Jonny Harty of ‘Hartyculture’ in words. You’ll have to meet him. His entrepreneurial credence, led this Jockey and equestrian expert at heart, to  launch a new enterprise in raised beds recently. He’ll install beautiful wood surround beds, and sow in the crops of your request leaving you to water, weed and talk to them!

I had the pleasure of attending a 30th birthday dinner party lately where he was the nominated chef. It was a a feast like none other I have ever partaken of. A throroughly organic, locally reared, grown and reaped menu, thrown together with the candour and abandon that only the gardener who knows each ingredient intimately, could evoke. No recipes or painstaking processes here.


Home reared Roast Knuckle of Pork with herb Jus, served with Home grown apple and blueberry sauce, Cabbage, and Nastertian flower and Chive mash.

Home grown organic Birthday Carrot and Pecan cake.

Home pressed and brewed Mulled Cider

It’s the first time that I have eaten meat, that I had met! Indeed had seen the owners son riding around on its back. He had a free range, family reared, organic existence and was slaughtered in a low stress responsible manner. All other ingredients were from Jonny’s poly-tunnel, raised beds and local peat bog Blueberry patch. Farewell to the Tesco scrum, scrambling around for your credit card, and fuel emissions to boot, sounds good to me!

The cake was made by busy Mum Marianne, with one carrot, more of a carnip, whose girth was ample for the job, which she had grown in her own raised beds.

My brother had laid claim to a batch of last years locally pressed cider, by turning up at a pertinent time to stand around whilst local apple farmer Gregory McNeice made it!! We find mulling it gives it that sweetener kick it needs, and amply disguises it’s potency!

Happy Birthday Cousin Fi and Thank you for a great evening.. you were looking great.. see above! x



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3 responses to “Yum Yum Pigs Bum, Cabbage and Potatoes..

  1. Nadine Rowe

    Hey Gemma,
    See now I live beside Jonny and I didn’t know he does raised beds – we are hoping to get the time to construct some in the next year – so I guess I’ll take a dander up and have a word!


  2. Nadine.. brilliant! The beds are beautiful and would definately inspire you to keep watering and weeding!
    He has some at his place so you could get an idea if you call in.. promise I will call at yours one of these fine tullyroan visits!! gemx

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