Vintage in the Country!

I was ever so excited to hear about the ‘All things vintage’ fair being held at Derry’s in Annaghmore, on Feile FMs ‘Saturday morning show’ with ‘Frock around the Clock’ interviewee Becky Moore.

Being a local girl I endeavoured to visit my Granny and then get on down there, and I did! It really was a treat of all things vintage, from designer vintage frocks and authentic american vintage jewellery, to antique, retro and kitsch collectibles of all descriptions, alongside some incredible repro furniture including outrageous felt covered vignettes and glorious chaise longues.

A Salvage sister day out is not complete without a great tea room with exquisite iced buns to smear into our new collectibles, if we are 1 years old, as my budding salvaging partner Lucia did. She was also very taken with the great live jazz music, creating a fabulous atmosphere for us to bop around whilst my eyes were darting everywhere for the next inspirational find! (pics of my finds to come, as my camera is temporarily on holiday!)

You could even get ahead for your night out with ‘Pin up’ hairstyling available on the day. The beautiful 50’s up styles they were creating are a good thing, as this weeks Sunday Times Style magazine tells me that this is a season to get adult and polished – chic, elegant and grown up are this seasons buzz words apparently.  ‘Think Mad Men Women, soignee 195o’s girls with up dos’ Read more about the stylists, and the fact that UTV will be featuring this great day shortly at the Derry’s blog.

Also dont miss Frock Around the Clock Vintage Fashion and Textile fair at the Holiday Inn, Ormeau Road, Belfast this Sunday the 26th September.

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All photos courtesy of Derry’s own Cathy Haughey so far, as unfortunatley as I mentioned above, my camera went home in someone elses bag from holidays! Miss you!



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2 responses to “Vintage in the Country!

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  2. Wow what a find! can’t believe we’ve been missing out all these years. keep networking sista!

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