A cosy corner

Many will be familiar with the dilemma of a girl and a bloke trying to share a wardrobe. This can range from proportion used, method of (not) hanging, or organisation. So when we moved into our current rental, i was rather pleased to commandeer a little cupboard under the eaves off our bedroom, already fitted with a clothes rail, and conveniently too low for anyone else to comfortably use. My organisational tendencies can all be projected with force upon this little space, whilst at the same time hopefully looking decadent, cosy and inviting.

I have jewellery, scarves, clothes, bags, belts and shoes dangling from every corner, so that putting together a hasty ensemble in the morning in the 5 minutes allocated to the task can actually be achieved, as everything is very visible.

I am a big fan of baskets and old suitcases, so these feature rather frequently. Necklaces are perched on coat hooks, and belts hung  on one of those wooden triangular expandable mug racks. And the finishing touch – fairy lights, which make any place look magical!


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  1. Yes Sis, this is the greatest secret to any make-do mindset when it comes to your wardrobe.. Shop fit your stuff!!
    I was standing in a shop once, ogling lots of beautiful accessories, but unable to justify a purchase as each one resembled something I alread had. It occurred to me that the art behind shops, which make you want to procure everything they have is the fact that it can all be seen at a glance. I as you know have had much fun since then trying to create my own ‘shop’ with my stuff.. it really does make getting dressed more appealing! Will share mine soon.. Gem

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