The real deal…

I feel it’s time to put in context all the pretty photos and projects we have been showcasing with some images from the salvaging underworld. Unearthing the ultimate vintage find depends on one’s eye for potential and possibility, in particular when you are faced with this as your starting point…

However once you forge ahead with vision, bravery and a pair of gloves, your beloved wreck is birthed from its hiding place. The journey from there involves a 5 minute meditative reflection on ‘What could this become?’, considering both its innate purpose, but also its potential for a new life of other-ness.

Allow me to offer a few little tips here for tackling such a mammoth mess. Firstly, go with a faithful friend (but be sad when she finds pastures new). Two pairs of eyes roving the landscape helps to ward off inspirational lapses. Secondly, take your time and savour the moment of creativity. Do examine things carefully for un-workable flaws. Conversely, faulty goods are rich pickings for recreating and reconditioning, so it helps to have a broad view of what can be achieved with each item. If you find yourself in a true junk yard, you will have to get your hands dirty and dig around for your treasures, so leave the Jimmy Choos at home.

Check out the latest spoils from my regular junk yard expedition. Originally a wheely shopping basket for an old granny, complete with old granny’s walking stick, this has become a wonderfully useful garden caddy for collecting up leaves and other waste headed for the compost bin. The plate and candle-holder will be added to existing collections, and the lidless breadbin is destined to be a plant pot. Job-lot for £4. Happy days!

Whilst the skates were tempting indeed, one does need to observe some limits!



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2 responses to “The real deal…

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  2. Aly

    Hello! Good work my friends, good work!
    I just bought three single beds and two very 70s retro yukky green(yet fabulous!) chairs from the vendor of the house we’re buying for £150! ..Salvage

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