Glean Baby!

[sal-vij] Glean, Recover, Redeem, Regain, Restore, Retrieve.. ah, the synonyms for Salvage make me reckon we could all do with some ‘Salvaging’ at times!

My little bird as she’s known is now a long lived one year old.. and has definitely brought some great ‘Gleaning’ challenges! With the unbelievable turnover of things a baby ‘needs’, the waste factor is maximum. So to make some dent in the one million tonnes of unwanted clothes  us Brits alone will throw out this year, I have found a few other ways to dress her up with an environmental and money saving incentive, aah.

My favourite resource is a great initiative in Belfast called ‘Weecycle’, a ‘recycling boutique’ where I have made some great ‘designer’ finds for the little model, and also unloaded myself of somesuch things in exchange for the next must-have.


Coat MiniATure

Embroidered shirt Monsoon

Car-boot sales can be an great source of supplies if you are lucky enough to find a like minded seller. I adore this little collection of hot pants previously loved by a little diva, including gold ‘Kylie’ ones, along with a cute wooden toddling truck I found at St Donard’s church car boot sale at the top of Bloomfield Avenue.

Hot pants Gap, Next

Early Learning Truck

If you are lucky enough to have devoted, skilled adorees for your little one, home knits are the cutest thing out, or even better hone those skills yourself.. havent managed that yet  myself! Found these little handmade bandana bibs at St. Georges market, and have been inspired to make some, but so far have just cheated with a paisley handkerchief! Love the litle bandit look.

Handmade Cardy, Paisley Handkerchief

Handknit cardy, bandana bib buzzabee

Family treasure is a great way to bring a little sentimental nostalgia. I was delighted to find this little Liberty print dress which I wore as a child, and had survived on a teddy hiding in my room all these years.

Liberty print dress

Charity shops are a little more work with regular devotion required to rifle through their rails to find the real treats. This isn’t always compatible with an impatient little tike in a bulky pram, but I’m very lucky to have a devoted Salvage Auntie who has found some amazing little numbers.

Dungarees Osh Kosh B'gosh

Vintage Dress

Top John Lewis Baby, Skinny jeans Next.

A fantastic monthly belfast event The Fashion Souk is a great way to shop, it promotes ethical consumerism and informed shopping, and even provides a childrens programme to give you

Top and Skirt Jasper Conran Debenhams

some hands free browsing time.. fab! It has fashion for everyone and I got this little matching outfit there lately. And if it’s time to do some clearing out, you can run your own stall there at the ‘Humble Jumble’!

For more inspiration, sourcing, and ideas for own wardrobe check out Belfast Council’s tips and The Green Guide



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2 responses to “Glean Baby!

  1. I had that liberty print on a bonnet and jacket my mum made me when I was little.

    Don’t know if your mum was ever into it back in the day (my mum was), but clothkits has made a revival – I recon you’d like some of their stuff – especially the true vintage stuff Sew the clothes from simple kits.


  2. Suzi

    You are a Super-mum!!!
    Ahh…. it brings back the days when I used to make the girls dresses-where we lived abroad at the time, there weren’t great choices of fabric available, so often their dresses were made in jungle prints or fish in the sea!! Maybe ok for wee boys?
    You had me slightly worried with the link to ‘Belfast Council ‘tips’ for seeking second hand clothing- I thought you’d gone a tad too far !!! tee hee

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