Charity Shop Stop

Allow me to convince you that high street shopping is an unnecessary endurance we can all avoid. There are many great charity shops in Edinburgh, and i am a regular attendee in search of a handy bargain. Before i showcase my very latest wares, may i offer a few pointers to make your charity shopping experience truly rich and bountiful. First, it is not a matter of drawing up a list of requirements and going out to find them – that’s what Princes St is for. You have to take what’s on offer, and therefore i find having an idea over the longer term of what your wardrobe requires is helpful. As a rule, i never buy anything from Primark or a supermarket – if you are buying 2nd hand it needs to be good quality, plus you could get it close to the same price new in Primark anyway. Look out for the truly one-off items, and don’t be put off if canny shops are charging, say, £30 for a coat. Gems and I recently saw a white cashmere tailored coat for that price, and didn’t buy it as it seemed a lot at the time. When we went back, it was gone. Which leads onto my next point, which is that the turnover in these shops is really high, together with frequent stock rotation within shop branches, so i would say its best to go with first instincts. I am considering setting myself a goal of only buying 2nd hand clothes for a period, say, 6 months, and see if a) i can do it b) observe the bank balance and c) whether i feel less or more consumerist as a result. Anyone wish to join me…??

1. Black Velvet skirt with detail £2, 2. Warehouse summer jacket £8, 3. White cotton top £3 with silk scarf £1, 4. Topshop floaty flowery top £4.50, 5. Paul Smith extra-cool polka dot boots £7, 6. Lacy leather kitten heels £6, 6. Pink cotton top £2 with silk scarf £1, Floral cowboy shirt £3.50



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4 responses to “Charity Shop Stop

  1. Hi Lucy,

    I love the Salvage Sisters blog – it’s always a great read and this is no exception. I love charity shopping, mostly because I’m really cheap, but also because I can get some great, one off, quirky items that are harder to come by on the high street. I don’t just mean clothes, (that being said, all my favourite T shirts have been from charity shops), but I do find that for the average guy who has even the slightest conscience when it comes to fashion or style, charity shops tend to have slim pickings.

    What pearls of wisdom can you offer me? I’m afraid that I cannot really take advantage of them just now, but I promise I will when I come back from Italy. In fact, would you take me charity shopping one day, and teach me to be a little more adventurous when it comes to decking out my wardrobe? I always find that I buy better clothes when a girl chooses them.

    I think you should come over to my flat too, and show me how to make it more homely. What do you think?

    love Ali

    • hmm, a worthy challenge indeed Ali – how to do charity shopping for a boy. forgive me for my girl-centric post! i have never ventured into boy clothes so i’m not sure i have lots of wisdom to offer in that area, and would say the same rules apply. however you are right in that the pickings are slim because blokes aren’t so good at charity donation, and what does appear tends to be old man fashion, y fronts, tweeds etc (the former, not cool, the latter, a real find). I never refuse an offer to go charity shopping with anyone – the ones in tollcross come recommended esp Salvation Army on Lothian Rd for its sheer size. Home consultancy also tempting, i think your flat is homely though, esp for a blokes flat! See you soon, Luc

    • Ali,

      Check out this great article.. it’s got some good tips for blokes in the comments.. Brick lane, London seems to be your place!

  2. sisgem

    mmm.. I’ll join you.. hesitantly. Have some friends who are doing a similar thing for a year! You remember Elaine? I guess the trickiest one is weddings! However lots of great events in Belfast at mo for this kind of thing.. so till end of Jan?

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