A multi-purpose room

A few shots of the guest room, which doubles as a study and quiet zone in a busy household. The soft furnishings on the bed are all salvaged from charity shops or handmade. The pink throw at the end is actually a curtain and is quietly awaiting transformation into a quilt. The lamps were picked up at the Meadows Festival, and the chairs are from the salvage yard (more about that venue to follow.) They were full of woodworm and a bit unsturdy to say the least, so they ended up as bedside tables.

I store all my sewing supplies as a display – why hide them in a drawer? It may not be a system that appeals to the regular seamstress, but it works for me, and then i can conjure up new projects in an idle moment by taking stock of what i have available.

The armchairs were purchased from the salvage yard a few years ago, along with a sofa (all for a mere £100.) I had high hopes of slip-covering all of them, but after spending about 2 years slowly doing the first one, i have decided to enjoy the original olive green corduroy of the other pieces. One would think that this little corner is so tempting that any spare moment would be spent relaxing here. The reality is, with all the salvaging there is to be done, i rarely have the time to sit here and soak up the vibe!



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3 responses to “A multi-purpose room

  1. Twinkle

    hi – it looks beautiful – of course…. you are tres talented. but i’m just thinking – i wouldn’t want to tell the world about all my ideas – you have a much more generous heart than me lucy!

  2. jenny simon

    What a lovely, room! Is it as tidy as this all the time?! I would quite like to store my fabrics like this but think it would need to be a high up shelve to keep out of the way of the little monsters! Was really sorry not to get to meet you on the radio show on Sat but maybe another time. In the mean time, I am enjoying all the beautiful photography and ideas that you both produce. Thanks!

  3. Love the rose print. Beautiful.

    I have had the coveted experience of staying over in this lovely room. I loved the intricacies of every detail and flicking through the piles of gorgeous books – quite a collection! x

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