Salvage Wedding

Take an engagement, a fleeting hilarious idea, a barn (well you could say shed), a family heirloom tractor, and quite a lot of enthusiasm, exertion and amazing friends and family and all their creativity, and you’ve got our Barn wedding.

It’s making me tired just browsing through all the photos of the whole process! But it was amazing to share the task with so many people dear to us, and on the day, before anyone took their seats they had all contributed in some way as their gift to us! Many hidden talents were unveiled after much initiative and lashings of humour!

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A team of salvagers, gathered china cups busily for a few months, competing their way to the best bargain, and best design. We managed flowers ‘for free’, planting little pots of grass in advance. The dandelions to go in them were harvested well in advance, into the night actually, as their season was ending when I had the idea! I recieved a tip from a friend that hairspraying them preserves them after musing how much I loved their delicately perfect puffball form, and reminiscence of their ability to tell the time, when time mattered not a jot!

In keeping with the barn theme, my fabulous aunt created the ‘fresian frisky cow’ graphic for the stationary, and an incredible fruity fresian cake was created by a friend from uni.

The tractor which was my grandfather’s, had an excuse to be restored to it’s former glory, and was our open air carriage, and is now a family treasure! Check out the bunting in the outdoor shots which was exquisitely made by hand by my sister in law. I still look at it in awe when it is rolled out to create instant festive spirit at any event.

The dance floor was a large cutting of classic chequer print lino which is now our kitchen floor! In true salvage style, nearly all of our decor is used and re-used now in our home, at parties and for any fitting events we can find for it, but I  still need to find a fitting place in my home for the disco ball! (if you fancy more photos see and look at Gemma and Ivan album)



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2 responses to “Salvage Wedding

  1. Suzi Chrystal

    Gorgeous wedding!
    Dave and I were glued to all the detail-wish we’d been able to do your photos!
    Dave’s already stolen the trees picture idea!
    Hey -Could of had a spin in the Mog too if we’d known you then!

  2. Looks fantastic, some really inspiring stuff there.

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