Preserve it

I’ve been making the most of the fruit and flower season by preserving everything i can get my hands on. In January when i spoon out my July raspberry jam, picked after work in the evening sun at Lowes Fruit Farm, i’ll certainly be feeling quite smug.

The elderflower wine is the second lot, as i forgot to put the sugar into attempt one. (Note to self – must stop multi-tasking.) It is currently bubbling away in a very pleasing manner in the corner of the kitchen.

The jam is a mixture of raspberries and tummelberries, which are a blackberry/raspberry hybrid. What a romantic name to have if you were a fruit! I also have blackcurrant jam simmering happily in the picture. In case you were thinking at this point how daunting and complex jam-making is, and how you would never get around to it yourself, allow me to disabuse you of this notion. First, get the fruit. Put in a saucepan for a minute, throw in an equal volume of sugar, bubble away for a moment, and bob’s yer uncle. Ok, so the pouring of super-hot liquid into a pre-sterilised scorching hot jam jar isn’t going to be ideal with wee ‘uns running around the kitchen, but my point is, its easier than you think.

I’m a bit of a chutney maniac, in that no sooner is one lot neatly stacked away in a dark cupboard than another enticing recipe makes itself known. The Tomato, Pepper and Lemongrass is a new recipe i got from the River Cottage Preserving Handbook, which is a worthy investment i might add. I have never actually made the same chutney twice, there are just too many new recipes to try. This one won’t be edible for another month or two, so can’t make a ready recommendation for it just yet. The next one will be Tomato and Ginger. Mmm…



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3 responses to “Preserve it

  1. sisgem

    Oh my, I am rubbing my tummelberry with anticipation of you giving me some for christmas!!

  2. Suzi Chrystal

    I used to make jam! You’ve made me want to do it again!!
    My friend Lyn and I entered a few jars in a church fete last year for a laugh-Strawberry and Champagne was one flavour -she labelled it ‘Jampagne’ -Came 2nd!! Just going to hoak out my jars!!!

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