A Belfast favourite for useful finds..

Here are my recent ‘practical’ purchases from an amazing church based project that I love,East Belfast mission.
The first for a fiver, the second fifteen. I love anything to do with round/ oval mirrors or frames.

I can see this little bland guy as my new bathroom book stand and cabinet.. mags in a bathroom, essential!

Really fancy this painted up as a funky retro vanity unit.. My jewellery definately needs an inspiring shop fit, where I’ll be inspired to pluck each piece up anew!

And a little ‘after’ view for you. The contrast shade should maybe have been brighter.. went for grey/ aqua tones, and a blue/grey glass knob.

The colours were inpsired by a recent trip to a magnificent pebble beach in Donegal on a treasured visit with Salvage sis Lucy. I ‘salvaged a few’ to add feature to the bathroom.

I’ve since evolved this little cabinet with some birdy decals.. I recieved a beautiful little note with this design, and just knew it had to be saved from the bin or a dusty shelf!

too cute to trash/stash

Birdy decals



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4 responses to “A Belfast favourite for useful finds..

  1. wow – great work gems. that looks a lot better that the former plastic affair that was your bathroom storage! ps photo copyright for the nice stones!!

  2. hey gemma,whats the name of the pebble beach?! – I'm in need of some nice big pebbles for a wee feature i'm doing. Nadine

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