So here is a clue to the hereditary nature of this salvaging condition we hereto diagnose ourselves of – an article from 1970 of our late mother featured in the local paper for her salvage style!! The equivalent of blogging at that time I would surmise… Gem



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  1. its all sounding very familiar indeed!

  2. Love and will follow Gems!Now you can follow me too since we're in the blogspot arena!Happy blogging my dear.Love Aly xx

  3. Sorry Gemma,I just got your comment on the the 'Take a look' post.I have never managed to get alittlemoreheart up and running. But think I will do so now that I have got a few new lenses and can take better shots of my cards etc.This one is my main blog though. Delighted to be having you on here!How is the wee woman?Hopefully if we ever find a house in the east, I will bring you around for a cuppa fellow blogger!X

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